[Advanced Users Only] Fully Automatic RSPeer Setup for Bot Farms

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    Hello, there's a lot of power users that use RSPeer that I thought would appreciate this guide to programmatically setup RSPeer automatically with no manual configuration.

    This guide is for advanced users with some programming knowledge, and its primary use is to automate rspeer setup for larger scale bot farms.

    Downloading the client
    Send a GET request to http://api.rspeer.org/v2/bot/currentJar and download the jar as a binary octet-stream.
    Save that jar file to your RSPeer cache folder (In my documents on Windows, or home dir on Mac/Linux) with the name rspeer.jar
    The naming here is important, it must be called rspeer.jar.

    Checking for updates
    Send a GET request to https://api.rspeer.org/v2/bot/currentVersionNew when you originally download the client and save that somewhere in a text file.
    Everytime you run a client, send a GET to https://api.rspeer.org/v2/bot/currentVersionNew and compare that current version to what you have saved in the text file.
    If they are different, an RSPeer update is available and you can pull the new jar using the currentJar route above.

    Logging In
    Send a POST request to https://api.rspeer.org/v2/user/login with the following json payload:

    "Email" : "[email protected]",
    "Password" : "yourPassword"

    If it is successful, you will get the following response:

    "accessToken" : "ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE",
    "idToken" : "ID_TOKEN_HERE"

    with some other values such as the tokenType, etc.

    Take the accessToken value and write it to your RSPeer cache folder in a file called rspeer_me (no extension, just rspeer_me, make sure it does not have .txt on the end or anything.)

    Once you've done that, run your client and it should see that token and encrypt it, then you should be logged in.

    Running with quick launch json

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