FeroMage | Alch Tele Mage | All Teleports | GUI

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    Hey guys. Fairly new here. I decided I wanted to port over a script I made for another bot. Along with the port I wanted to improve it.

    Features -

    • All Teleports Working - finished
    • Check for Runes - finished
    • Support for no Alching method - Not Started
    • Ability to add input Alching(GUI Input) - WIP
    • Banking for supplies - Not Started
    • Good Paint - WIP
    • Level Notifications (SMS, Email) - WIP

    I will post a few updates later. I just wanted to post this out there and see if anyone would want this sort of thing.

    I have many more projects under way as well. Including a gambling one, a Fungi Collection one, and a couple I’m not willing to spill the beans on.

    Let me know what you guys think?! (sorry if format is horrid. I’m on mobile at the moment)

  • Very cool, glad to have you here

  • Good stuff, man. I am pumped to see more of your work!