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Best f2p script to make money with low ban rate??

  • Definitely not mining or woodcutting, those get banned extremely fast lol. Any other scripts you guys use to make good money and are able to get 3+ days playing time on from the bots? Anything helps, thanks!

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    @migue12435 you could look at @DaylightDies scripts.

    Those are F2P, you get a lot of gp out of it and they last a couple of days.

  • not much really. Chicken killer that picks up feather is pretty risky same as YFighter

  • ^^^^ truth his aio runecrafter is so op. all of the runners will get banned, but the main crafting account of mine has not gotten banned. but i also play the account smart.
    this is my current main bot.
    i found that if u get you get your bot to a higher combat level it has a less chance of getting banned, also a bond will help (but that's not what we are talking about here.)
    for all of my accounts i usually bot for about 8 hours, and at night time mostly (but others have said to never bot at night, but i baby sit my account in-between matches in other games.) i usually start out with @buracc's seagull killer. its way less crowded than chickens and u can gain a good bit of xp for prayer here. also they do no dmg to you so u wont need food. but next i usually move on to other skills that usually looks like afk farming or bank skills. on this particular account above i used the premium aio magic script to start out, DD AIO RC for a little profit and some runecrafting xp. then i used rsminer till i hit lvl 15, in rimmington till i hit lvl 30. then i went to the motherload. i also have 55 golden nuggets for the prospector :). then i used @Sollertia's AIO herb script, kinda expecting to get banned at this point, because that cleans herbs sooooo fucking fast. but i still havent gotten banned on it, 16 days old. i also used bk's gem cutter, Buaccs aio thiever, along with the premium hide tanner for some profit. i think imma try to max out my mining first safely. i dont know where my other journeys are gonna take me.
    tbh i am probably gonna make a youtube series. i have a bunch of ideas for content and information for all on how to keep your botted account alive for a little while longer.
    hope this helps ya tho.

  • sorry i kinda side tracked there and went in to members profit. imo the best f2p profit would be the hide tanner, but cow hide tanners get banned pretty quick in my opinion . but also u could try wood cutting with manbearpigs woodcutter. find a location most people dont cut wood in and turn banking on. but i would highly advise you get some combat lvls before you start moneymaking. unless u are suicide botting then it wont matter either way if u have combat lvls or not

  • @papakonnekt extremely helpful I really appreciate the insight man!

  • @migue12435 thanks, if u need anything shoot me a pm, im on here pretty often.
    im currently on my 18th day on my main bot. im honestly surprised it lasted this long.
    that being said, i am not doing much money makers on it, but i am making enough money to renew my bonds