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Warriors guild keg bot [Very simple]

  • High demand among low HP pures as it gives no HP xp, gives over 40k+ xp/h in strength from 80 strength

    Simple script request:
    1# Fill inventory with energy restore potions at the warriors guild bank.
    2# Walk upstairs and use the keg
    3# Use a dose of the energy restore potion after each xp drop tick
    3# Walk back to the bank and repeat

    You're able to die during this but if the bot doesn't do anything wrong you shouldn't take any damage, for safety the main loop should contain and if statement for HP becoming low.

    Must ensure the bot doesn't use the keg unless energy is at 100% as that determines the experience reward and success chance, therefore it's likely better to walk to and from the keg to the bank.

    I would happily pay $10 to whoever makes this script (for public or premium release)

  • I may write this, I have one complete that I used several years back on a different platform so wouldn't take more than an hour to port it over. I'll have to wait til I rebond my pure first though!