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account banned super fast?

  • Hey guys, I made an account and did tutorial island using a script, then did the questing script for Romeo and Juliet, went on to bot normal trees for like 30 min tops and I'm banned now. What am I doing wrong for getting banned so fast? I did create and bot the account using a VPN so is that what they look at?


  • @PolymorphicBit said in account banned super fast?:

    I did create and bot the account using a VPN

    To test it for sure, I'd create an account on the VPN and one without it, run the same scripts, and see which lasts longer.

  • I have seen on multiple botting platforms people complaining of this. Some people have mentioned that certain VPN's are "instaban" and are marked by jagex. try without a vpn. i easily get 48hrs suicide on f2p accs 60+ on p2p

  • Pretty much above replies are accurate. A lot of vpn and proxies these days have been flagged for botting from farmers.

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    I find woodcutting ban-rates to be extremely high.

  • @DaylightDies said in account banned super fast?:

    I find woodcutting ban-rates to be extremely high.

    And anything related to mining

  • @sexpert do you use proxies instead? (I don't want to get my actual ip flagged cause I have an account I play legit)

    Does anyone have proxy recommendations? paid is fine. Also do you guys think setting up authentificator reduces chances of getting banned?

    And yeah I use PIA which is a pretty popular vpn i think so it's servers might be flagged.

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    @PolymorphicBit I use PIA as well and have noticed the same issues recently. Mostly from new accounts made and botted. Haven't done much testing comparing with/without PIA but I suspect that's a contributing factor.

  • @PolymorphicBit i use Zero mask's (no vpn or proxy) i just use my regular ip address. although im not a very big farmer. (no more than 15-20 accs) at one time. i start all accounts with SPX tut island. PM me or find me on discord @ oppose me#1386 if you have any more questions!

  • best tip I can give you is dont bot woodcutting ban rate is major almost impossible to not get banned wcing

  • I use PIA and while my bot got the account locked for suspected stealing, once I recovered it I've had no problems for a few weeks 5+ hours every day. No suicides though

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    More likely to be the VPN

  • I use PIA and recently accounts I suicide on last about a day. I have no problem with accounts lasting about 24 hours or longer depending on what they're botting.

  • Say no more VPN is killing your accounts

  • A LOT of people use PIA.
    Use proxys that are private to you or shared with limited amount of people (They run $3-5 i believe)

  • Hi guys, just a quick tip for a way to get an IP address that is guarenteed not flagged, simply create a Windows VPS, open a port and download CCProxy.

    Basically you're creating your own proxy server 🙂

    P.S. Microsoft Azure (offers $200 free credit, highly recommended) and many other VPS hosting companies offer trials, usually they just require that you add you debit card to the account (can be removed after).

    Oh and another thing I reckon might be good, try using a mobile IP address (3g ONLY, not 4g - change to 3g in your settings), the reason why is because mobile networks provide shared IP addresses, whenever someone turns off their phone or turns airplane mode on it gives you a new IP (3g only) it throws away the IP and gives it to someone else.... What this means is Jagex has no way of perma-banning your IP 🙂
    (I'm running 10 accounts on 1 computer from the same IP doing this)

    P.S. Buy a 3g mobile broadband USB stick, or use your phones personal hotspot feature... Go into your phone settings and change from 4g to 3g, this can be done on iPhone and Android.