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Enjoy GE Flipping? Look into Options

  • Hey guys,

    Here's a way to make actual money with Options.

    You're betting if ____ is going to go up or down in a period of time.

    For example:

    Let's say on Monday (12/17) the S&P goes down -1%

    This would set up a perfect opportunity to buy the Dec 28 262 Call (@SPY 181221C00262000)

    Because if Wednesday and the rest of the week is positive, a 2-3% gain on the S&P = 100% or more with Options.*

    Tuesday may be down too though, watch it close!

    alt text
    alt text

    I've never found a better way to double my money than with Options.

    This is not advice, but an idea for you to explore. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

    *The gain potential is technically limitless. Some Puts on JNJ recently made over 65,000%. But 100% is what you can expect most times.

    Your gains can be drastic because of the leverage used with each Contract, but losing all your money is possible too!

  • Script Writer

    Nice to see a fellow trader on here, but I wouldn't recommend trading options to 95% of the users on this forum. That money is going to end up in another trader's pocket in an instant 😅

    You should check out the discord channel, it's a lot more active than the forums.

  • @Constellation

    I can't wait to share the results of this trade because I think it will do well.

    But you're right, this is not recommendation/advice. Options must be watched very closely to avoid losing money.

  • If someone is interested in options trading, the best thing they can do is hit up /r/wallstreetbets for the best tips on getting started.. ;')

  • @slazter said in Enjoy GE Flipping? Look into Options:

    If someone is interested in options trading, the best thing they can do is hit up /r/wallstreetbets for the best tips on getting started.. ;')

    All jokes aside, if someone reading this really is interested, one of the best ways to learn is by trying out a simulation system where the money isn't real, but the results are, so you can get a feel for it.

  • As a long term forex trader, I'd recommend people to stay away from trading.
    It's stressful, addictive, frustrating, but most of all risky and very unforgiving.
    On the other hand, it's exciting, can be done from anywhere and can be quite fun.
    Definitely start with a demo account if you'd want to give it a shot.

    Risk management is one of the things beginners struggle a lot with, so give those demo bucks a good run...

    Trading is a vast and very broad subject, where you'll have to specialise yourself into. I have a close friend that only trades certain commodities, and performs really well in them.

    Even after thousands and thousands of hours of reading up on theory, talking to traders, coding automatised software, staring at multiple charts, I feel that while I'm profitable, I still have only cracked the tip of the iceberg.

    And yeah, I really, really wouldn't recommend trading. You're going to feed bots / insider traders, whales, fees, ...
    Eg. I had an insider tip from my money guy to short 24hs before the earnings report from AAPL (apple) (when it was at 220$) came in a few weeks back. They'd been hyping up that Apple had been killing it with their sales all fucking quarter (while in reality, once the earnings report came in, the opposite turned out to be true). Now the stock is ,give or take 30% lower

  • Let's say on Monday (12/17) the S&P goes down -1%

    Down more than 1% today so far, which sets up the trade perfectly!

    alt text

  • I don't want to jinx anything, but as you can see from a real-world example:

    S&P currently is .40% higher than when I bought this, and that's over a 20% gain so far... and the rally hasn't even happened yet! 🙂

    alt text

  • Update:

    alt text

    It would be a little irresponsible to not take profits at 100%, which is what I'll be doing.

    I'll load up on Tuesday, assuming it's a down day too, but for now, a doubling is good enough.

    Edit: I didn't wait until Tuesday since today was down -2%

    Proceeding with my strategy for a short-term rally in the coming days/weeks.

    The end of the year is going to be very exciting!

    alt text

    12/19 Edit: So far so good! Another perfect bounce off the trend line.

    alt text

    12/20 Edit: Loaded up on Calls today

    I think December 26-28 will be very exciting for the market.

  • alt text

    We're getting very close to short-term bounce territory. I expect Wednesday - Friday to be when this happens, starting 12/26 but probably not lasting more than a week or two, so a very quick but important bounce before more pain in 2019.

  • Which broker do you use, since buying options with like 125$ would fucking rape you in sweden, as the courtage is atleast 11$, And where do you get that charting tool, do u leech on thinkorswim? 😄

  • @slazter said:

    Which broker do you use

    It's very important for me to have a commission-free service for Options, since 1 contract costs $5 at some places.

    I use a mix between Robinhood for Web and

    @slazter said:

    And where do you get that charting tool, do u leech on thinkorswim? 😄

    The best charting site I've come across is

    You can save layouts and they give you a lot of tools for free.

    I chart for a living; it's 90% of what I use to determine positioning