A Couple Bot Suggestions [RC/Mining/Mage]

  • Have been using this client for some time now, and a big fan. These two things would really be all I could ask for.

    • An F2P RC Bot, unless i'm mistaken there isn't one
    • A solid mining guild bot, if i'm not mistaken there is one but it can jank pathing sometimes
    • A bot that has independent function on stun/curse/alch (I'd like to just curse, but the bot capable of casting it solo does it at a low rate)

    Love what you guys do regardless! Keep it up

  • You're mistaken DD's Slaver is an Rc running bot (it will run ess to designated username) the "rcer" will be manual (controlled by you) however each runner you have is 500+ ess an hr. very good xp and gp for f2p if higher Rc lvl. https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/453/beta-slave-air-rune-ess-runner

    You won't find a good mining guild bot, if Rspeer web is buggy, you'll have to wait.

  • Also have you tried Deki stun alch or atomic splasher?

  • @sexpert if im not mistaken, the splasher only does combat spells, Deki's is a slow rate curser if the alch is not included

    as for the RC bots, not really looking for a runner, and also there is a bot that ALMOST works (Jio's) but it gets hung up at the altar