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LChopper - Progressive AIO Woodcutter with Smart GUI

  • LChopper is a progressive woodcutter supporting regular trees, oak trees, willow trees, maple trees (soon, if people actually want them), and yews.
    It progresses through axes with memory for which axes you have (memory in script instance).

    On start, have a usable axe in your inventory, and nothing else. It will walk to the correct area for the current tree, and chop it.
    When the inventory is full, it will first bank in Draenor Village, depositing all items, then withdrawing the best currently usable axe.
    When banking this first time, it will make note of which axes your bank contains. Until it reaches a level that it needs to upgrade it's axe to another you have in the bank, it will bank with the deposit box in Port Sarim instead, only returning to the bank in Draenor to upgrade it's axe.

    alt text

    Discrete woodcutting area, to reduce chances of reports
    Dual banking, for efficiency
    Utilizes the best axe you own
    Progresses flawlessly between trees, based on level settings you input
    Displays proxy on GUI, for convenience
    Graphical paint displays runetime, logs chopped, experience, and experience/hour (all numbers are rough calculations)

    Future Plans:
    Add maple support, if anyone actually chops maples..
    More Location options
    Option to tick boxes indicating which axes the account has, so it can use the deposit box immediately, instead of checking Draenor Village bank for all axes first
    Quicklaunch arguments (in progress)
    ~I have methods for handling randoms, though I don't feel the need to implement them, as random handling appears to be on the RSPeer to-do list
    Will add a graphical paint. Currently no paint is displayed ingame, as this was just a project to explore the API a bit

    Please leave comments, questions, bug reports, requests, and concerns below, or message me on Discord ~

  • grats on release

  • @blokys said in LChopper - Progressive AIO Woodcutter with Smart GUI:

    grats on release


    I've added a paint to the script. It's not great, my graphics skills are very poor.
    If anyone has ideas for a better graphic/is a graphic designer, you're welcome to DM me here or (preferably) on Discord @ LycenTheDead#5500

  • Works very well, however I find the paint to be really intrusive as it covers the whole chat box and it doesn't close if you stop the script.

    Edit: If you also start with the best axe equipped (rune in this case), it will keep banking at draynor bank and doesn't use deposit box.

  • Sweet script pretty well written. Paint is alittle annoying but this is a script you can start at anytime on a brand new account to keep it from getting banned.

  • @omni Would like to see dropping function

  • Possibly add a drop function !

  • the bot is great however the paint is super obnoxious as it covers the entire chat window and makes it hard to reply to people if you are babysitting.

  • Inuvation Beta User

    A mode where you can simply drop everything (in order to powerlevel) would be great.

  • Really great script, but you really should make the GUI different because we can't see the chat at all...

  • great script, any possibility to add magic trees?

  • Breaks when needing to bank 😞 Also, you should use port sarim deposit box instead of draynor bank, closer 😄

  • Got 3 of my accounts banned.

  • @FullShket Unlucky, have had no ban issues with it. Been botting new accounts to get enough logs for 50fm and then doing 99 fm

  • Is there a Quicklaunch argument that will accept the default level and press enter?

  • @LycenTheDead starting at 1 WC. Awesome script!
    alt text
    Started Yews at 65.

  • Perm ban after using for 5 hours.

  • perm ban after using 1.30 hours

  • Pro tip: Never use the same script for more than a hour, Woodcutting, mining and fishing are botwatched botting these for to long will get you banned

    PS: its not the scripters fault for you getting banned, Botting is at your own risk

  • i used it for like 14hours nonstop,no ban.