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eRevenants - |Beta testers needed|

  • Revenants
    This script is currently in a private beta to help polish it out and find any oversights during testing.
    I'll also be taking requests for specific features if I deem them fit and beneficial.

    I'm looking for 2 more private beta testers that are able to test the script, whether its on one account or a mass amount.

    At the moment, the only revenants supported are ones in the <= 31 region of the cave. More will be added as issues are ironed out.

    Only teleports available at the moment are wealths and glories. Using two at the same time might cause issues as it's currently unsupported. Simply equip one of the teleports before you grab the equipment and it'll set the teleport to said teleport.


    • Salve support

    • Burning amulet teleportation

    • Variety of food support (Only high tier foods available at the moment, foods can be added on request as all it requires is the food name)

    • Only range support at the moment

    • Prayer, ranging and stamina potions available. (Prayer requires 44 at the moment, will add more variety to prayers) (Set amount of potions to bring)

    • Craw's bow support

    • Blowpipe support (Only tested a few times, needs more checking)

    • Bow support (Only tested a few times, needs more checking)

    • Option to ignore skulls (Only checks for equipment worn against a list of PKing items)

    • Custom inventory threshold support

    • Set amount of players in region before hopping

    • Grab your current equipment to restock with

    Coming soon

    • Grand seed support (Need an account for information and testing)

    • Save and load settings

    • Prayer variety

    • Revenant cave teleport support

    I've got a dedicated discord channel for the script to allow better communication for support and updates.

    If you're interested in testing the script, let me know via DMs or via Discord @ 💖 Blogan 💖
    #3312 (Currently in the RSPeer discord)

    Proggies will be available at request

  • ❤ the idea. I made a looter script for rev caves and it was quite profitable. Best gains from when ever pkers run through worlds.
    Can't wait to see your finished product 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jesse Thanks 🙂
    Hoping to release it around Christmas. Just unsure how I'm going to handle the script in terms of pricing (unless premium scripts are out and I pass the sw test)
    Also, if anyone knows php / sql and would like to help set up a hiscores sytem (I have the data etc), hmu via disc or pms. I'm not sure on how much something like this would cost, but im open to prices.

  • @Blogans I've waited months for script rank test. I've since given up and just focused on private scripts. You have a better chance of selling the script privately then hoping for rank in order to sell here.
    Release a light version, then offer a premium off site. my 2 cents

  • I'd like to be a beta tester for this. I will use on my main 🙂 And let you know how it performs.

  • I would love to test this, I have a few accounts I could use, I added you on discord!

  • i would like to sign up as a tester 🙂

  • yea im keen

  • @Blogans i can't find you on discord is it okay if you add me my name is: Reykesy#9833