Goblin Bury | Finds and Buries Bones in Lumbridge | Roma

  • Goblin Bury

    Start in Lumbridge near the goblins, preferably on a world that has a lot of people.

    alt text

    What is does:

    • Buries all bones in inventory.
    • Find closest bone and buries straight away.
    • If next bone behind door / opens.
    • Basic paint.

    Requirements: None

    Disclaimer: This is my first script, while I haven't found any bugs. Please report them so I can fix if you find any.

    Update Log:


    • Fixed Paint to display experience gained.
    • Fixed issue with script not starting correctly.

    To-do List:

    • To enable running if energy full.
    • Open nearby doors, if bones are inside.
    • Add other informative paint.

  • Congrats on your first release!

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    This post is deleted!

  • I've updated the script and it now works correctly. Pending update.

  • It's bugged right now. It gets stuck if it tries to pick up a bone behind a closed door, and continuously ends up south the fence of east cow farm. I assume it is trying to pick up the bone in the farm but cannot, even when the cow door is open.