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Logan's HideLooter | PM Muling System (WIP) |

  • Description:
    Picks up Cowhides and banks them at Lumbridge.

    How to use:

    1. Find the script and select it.
    2. Enter in the keyword you wish to use when having the script mule (You don't have to use this, leave it blank if you want)
    3. Enter in the world you wish to have the bot jump to when muling (You don't have to use this, leave it blank if you want)
    4. Click start.


    1. Have your mule be on the top floor of Lumbridge bank and the slave will come to you when you PM the keyword and transfer its items.


    1. There appears to be a bug that happens at random when attempting to bank. I need more to go on so if this happens to you, leave a reply.

    If you find a bug that affects the script doing what it's supposed to do, leave a reply, send me a PM, and or contact me on discord.

    EDIT: Released the source. It's outdated, but it still works.

    Credits to Jeremy and dQw4w9WgXcQ for helping during development.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Collected 4.3k hides on a fresh lvl 3 account i made a few days ago and still no ban yet lmao.


  • @quaz That's great!

  • Pretty nice script, I've noticed that if it ends up within the top 5 or so tiles of the cow pen when it needs to bank, it will get stuck and needs to manually be moved closer to the gate.

  • the bot breaks when it goes to bank for me

  • works fine, tested on couple accounts for 1h+.

  • Used on 3 bots banned after about 6 hours for all 3

  • is this still broken?

  • Broken? It runs amazing

  • This bot runs great until it needs to bank when it has stopped at the top like 5-7 tiles of the cow patch. You have to manually move closer to gate and then resume. Other than that, it works great. But currently, it needs babysitting.,

  • With the last update the bot is broken. Do not deposit cowhides in the bank.

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    @alirio700 Are you on RSPeer 1.23?

  • Works like a charm
    about 240 hides/hr on a crowded world

  • Getting banned on every single account, even after botting only a couple hours (2-3).
    5/5 accounts banned so far 😞

  • @koolzuurgas Hidelooter is pretty much guaranteed ban within a few hours. If enough people report an account for botting (there's lots of people at the cows) and especially if someone else's bot walks the exact same path as yours after the reset to the gate when there's no hides left, it becomes very obvious it's a script.

    This script is ironically too popular to work safely.

  • I've created a new script since this one hasn't been updated in a while, it supports the northern lumbridge site as well as north-east. Gathers more hides/hr because it doesn't waste time continuing to walk to a hide when it's been picked up, and will go for a nearer one if available.
    Give it a go!

  • This script is way too risky to run in worlds where others are using. Not sure if this is due to the movement in HideLooter (I didn't review your source yet) or RSPeer itself but the pattern syncs up with other clients and is easy to detect. Also, gate opening is easy to detect as well since the clients always seem to step towards the same point.

    One example:
    If a bot walks near the gate and the gate is closed others can trap the bots from re-opening the gate by closing which causes a queue trapping multiple bots and syncing there movements which then causes them to either attempt to re-open or continue to loot but this time they are all stacked and syned in unison which makes it easy to for me to get banned 😉

  • @Lion That's great. Thank you for creating a more updated looter.

    @weeb Any sort of botting can result in you getting banned, but I will say that this script was the first script I ever wrote and the source code and the way the bot works is "yikes".

  • Updated it a little bit. Still works the same and gets stuck way less than it used to.

    Paint is no longer updated on each bank.