Jesse's Scripter Application

  • Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation: I have been involved with botting for many years and since finding this community I feel it is a great place to contribute my skills to. I enjoy writing scripts and releasing them to the community to use and in return helps me improve.

    Experience: I have a few scripts to the SDN and done many more privately. This has taught me how to write a wide range of tasks. I am mostly self taught but am starting a programming course in September. I have been developing a a few larger projects that the community will enjoy upon release.

  • Script Developer Sponsor Staff Director

    Hi, I feel that your code could do with some improvements before applying to take the script writer test.

    Use of object ids - these have changed several times in the past, so you should probably avoid using these (same applies to npcs I believe, but not items)
    StopWatch - You can reduce a lot of time calculations you have in your paint by using this

    Please read up on the following:

    • Code conventions
    • Access modifiers
    • Enums

    Hopefully the result of this application does not demotivate you - we are hoping to have the SDN completed very soon, including premium and private scripts