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  • Script Writer


    • Makes arrow shafts and arrows
    • Tips arrows
    • Strings short/longbows
    • Creates short/longbows
    • Task system - allows you to complete an infinite number of tasks
    • Grand Exchange Support - paid version only
    • Profiling - every runescape account behaves differently
    • Automatically sells/buys supplies!


    cc @Carcinoma:


    • vid coming soontm

  • After about 1k+ yew longbows strung the script will randomly stop, not sure if it's due to the latest client update nothing unusual appears in the logs just the last message being Open

  • Script Writer

    @rspoop fixed the issue.

  • @Deki idk why, but instead of fletching, script runs to GE, takes all gp i have in bank, and tries to buy more supplies even if i don't have enough money.
    I have plenty of mats in my bank.

  • Could you also add output to the paint when you get a chance? Loving it so far will post some nice progress reports for you; excited to buy this script as well to unlock the new features.

  • Noticed that sometimes it use the money it's gotten from selling the unstrungs when there is more than enough in the bank and will spam the exchange like this even though it doesn't have enough money on hand: alt text could you make it so it will buy the bow strings as well and string them instead of selling the unfinished's

  • Script Writer

    @Runescape Ill be adding more options to the gui especially around grand exchange to all my scripts supporting it soon

  • Worked well for the most part. 1-50 was flawless by starting with nothing but gp, however at 50 it got stuck on the bank screen where it should have withdrawn gp to buy maple logs to begin making maple shortbows. I purchased maple logs myself and it has continued from there.

    All in all a pretty decent script 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Appears the items for regular logs are off. Trying to fletch normal shortbox (u) but script is making Javelin shafts. Trying to fletch normal longbox (u) but making normal shortbow (u).

    Oak and willow have been good so far though. 🙂

  • are you gonna update this? 🙂

  • Won't buy items from the grand exchange, also could you add support for tip cutting? (AKA cuts gems into bolt tips) thanks in advance!

    [SEVERE] Fri Feb 08 18:08:17 EET 2019: EXCEPTION: SEVEREjava.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
    at com.deki.framework.grandexchange.GrandExchangeHandler.buyItemPriceChange(
    at com.deki.framework.grandexchange.GrandExchangeOffer.handle(
    at com.deki.framework.grandexchange.GrandExchangeOffer.execute(
    at com.deki.framework.script.AbstractScript.loop(

  • after last update, it will only do 1 inv of either strung or bows(u) then quits. plus that the paint doesnt go away after the script has stopped, which is annyoing

  • Probably related to Viheiser's last comment: NoSuchMethodError for org.rspeer.runetek.api.component.Interfaces.canContinue().

  • Link to this from SDN is broken just FYI.