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  • Script Writer

    alt text

    It's a thing. It does things. Lots of things. F2P things. Run it, see what it does.

    The goal of this script is to make F2P 1-click.

    You can check out the script running LIVE on YouTube

    Run it.
    Actually, there's a little bit more you might want to know.
    As of right now the script is completely autonomous after you run it on registered account.
    It will access GE once it's able to (guesstimates 24h playtime or 7QP), and it will sell stuff and upgrade its gear by itself.

    Priorities can be set via GUI and they will be saved by account. NoPrayer and NoDefence can only be set by ScriptArgs and will be replaced by a goal system.
    Setting priorities via ScriptArgs will over-ride and save the settings to the account profile.

    Also note that related activites are funneled. By this I mean that if you set a high priority to firemaking, for an example, it will also woodcut if it doesn't have logs to burn.
    If you set high priority one of the combat options, it will either fish or buy the food depending on levels and bank.
    Even if woodcutting or fishing priorities are set to 0 respectively.

    • NoPrayer - Doesn't train prayer
    • NoDefence - Doesn't train defence
    • MeleePriority <0-30> - Set priority to train melee. Default value: 8
    • RangedPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train ranged. Default value: 6
    • MagicPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train magic. Default value: 4
    • ExchangePriority <0-30> - Set priority for selling items. Default value: 4
    • CookingPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train cooking. Default value: 1
    • FishingPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train fishing. Default value: 1
    • MiningPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train mining. Default value: 3
    • SmithingPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train smithing. Default value: 3
    • FiremakingPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train firemaking. Default value: 1
    • WoodcuttingPriority <0-30> - Set priority to train woodcutting. Default value: 3

    For an example, this will diable prayer and firemaking. But it will increase the priority for training melee skills and smithing considerably:

    NoPrayer FiremakingPriority 0 MeleePriority 15 SmithingPriority 10

    This is a work in progress. It mostly works fine, but there are bound to be some bugs here and there.

  • Interesting bot.

    My 2 cents:
    From a "bond maximum efficiency" perspective, the following could be done in f2p instead of p2p because the xp/gp & xp/hr is almost identical. This is assuming you have the coins to back it up. Besides the cooking, everything can be funded from crafting. Alternative to crafting a different money making method could be used (e.g. buying from shops gives more gp/hr, but no xp/hr).

    If you can't fund the account, the quickest way to make to some cash is completed security stronghold. Then using that cash to buy stuff from stores until you have 70-350K. Ignoring cooking, that's all it should take to fund this.

    Combat > not worth it low levels can be quested in p2p. But could get 40-50attack, -40-50 strength, 40 defence
    Exception Magic: get 13 (fire strike) / 25 (teleporting to varrock, although a chronicle could be obtained instead) / 35 (costs less than 1k fire strikes, ~15k and unlocks all f2p teleports) , for completing quests
    Complete all f2p quests besides dragon slayer (requires better stats), demon slayer (requires better melee stats)

    RC: not worth it without agility & stams, or 28/34 at most
    Crafting: Most viable money making in f2p that includes skilling (+60 needed for Lunar diplomacy) (1-8 craft leather, 8-40/60, make gold bracelets)
    Mining: 1-41 (powermine)
    Smithing: 29 through Knight's sword, 29-30 iron bar, 30-35 steel bars
    Fishing: not worth it, lower levels can be skipped via p2p quests
    Cooking: only skill worth getting 99 in f2p (assuming you are using wines). If not going for 99, 70 would be recommended as it's a requirement for Desert treasure. Or it can be ignored since it's no requirement for anything until later mid-game.
    Firemaking: 50 for Wintertodt & Desert treasure
    Woodcutting: 1-41(powerchop or chop & burn)

    After this, everything else is more optimal by a large portion in P2P (either due to less crowds/bots in the area, better xp/gr, or better xp/hr).
    After this, your account is very flexible to become whatever you want. Do note that some people want to make pures without prayer (skip restless ghost quest & defence training)

    Quest order: (the sets can all be combined in "one trip" or you'll need to pass multiple times by the same location)
    Set 1: [Rune mysteries
    Restless ghost
    Cook's assistant
    Ernest the chicken
    Vampire slayer
    Imp catcher
    Sheep shearer
    Romeo and Juliet]

    Set 2 = [Doric's Quest
    Goblin diplomacy]

    Set 3 = [Witch's potion
    The knight's sword
    Black knights' fortess]

    shield of arrav (requires 150 total lvl for cc)
    -Demon slayer- (requires melee stats to kill demon with silverlight)
    -Dragon slayer- (requires some medium defences and offensive stats without antifire potion)

  • Script Writer

    @Negrita said in Dr.SimScape(alpha):

    Interesting bot.

    My 2 cents:
    From a "bond maximum efficiency" perspective, the following could be done in f2p instead of p2p because the xp/gp & xp/hr is almost identical. This is assuming you have the coins to back it up. Besides the cooking, everything can be funded from crafting. Alternative to crafting a different money making method could be used (e.g. buying from shops gives more gp/hr, but no xp/hr).


    Thanks for the feedback. For this bot my interest lies more in theory than practicality. My theory is that it might make sense to "waste time" on building an 'average account' that spends time everywhere with little focus in order to achieve a better platform that has less parameters shouting "BOT!"
    Cooking might not be effective for money making, but an average player will do it. And the same applies to every skill.

    My current thought on where to progress with this is - this bot would be goal-less and frame-worky.
    I might make specialized versions of the bot later on, or simply make it so the bot will start focusing more on money after achieving certain levels. Right now though - my goal is "click for 99's" with minimal configuration, if any.

  • Script Writer

    Just wanted to let you know that the bot is not available in the repository!

  • Love it working decent so far, here's what I've got for bugs/suggestions:

    -It was killing cows and then it got to hear and just spammed the log as you can see and character didn't do anything until the activity timer was up (at which point it moved to the next activity). I'm thinking maybe the inventory being full was the cause?

    EDIT: have watched it do the exact same thing again, definitely seems to be caused by inventory being full and having no bones to bury

    -I've noticed it uses shared combat mode however strangely with exception to when the bot started it will only change the mode from strength mode to shared mode if I manually click on the Combat Options tab it then immediately changes to shared mode. If I don't do that it will just stick on training strength which is default when a scim is equipped. Obviously leaving the Combat Options tab open permanently is a temporary fix but not ideal

    -Mentioned this to you already, it seems to spam click everything when withdrawing from bank and equipping in inventory. I happened to have mutliple iron kites in my bank, it withdrew 2 of them and then went in an endless loop of trying to equip both of them.

    -Timer seems to be a little short when it's 15 mins to the point of maybe seeming a bit bot like? I've had 3 activities be <20 mins so far, mining for instance was 2 loads before it moves on. Personally I think 25-30 mins should be minimum for a task but could just be personal preference (maybe this is a setting to add for user's to customise further down the track)?

    -I think it uses shared mode for combat, I guess from a scripting perspective this is probably the least hassle free option but especially at the early stages where progressing to the next weapon is somewhat of a priority it would be helpful if it went and trained attack for x levels and then moved onto strength, defence etc.

    -This is very much a bot that has the potential to just click and leave, with that in mind the only thing stopping that from being viable atm (aside from bugs) is no breaking system. If that could be implemented you literally could just leave this running forever and it would be pretty realistic.

    Random thoughts:
    -This would be amazing to have p2p elements incorporated into it, this would work perfectly if one of the activities was Agility which seems a much more realistic was of training agility as opposed to people just running bots for hours on end for Agility. This would be a massive undertaking though and would understand you not wanting to incorporate it.

  • Script Writer

    I recently changed around some stuff trying to unify the combat methods. It seems there might be some sort of logic flaw in it. The release of this was rather spontaneous, so bare with me 🙂

    I will have a look at it for the next update.
    It's weird because it works for a while, and then randomly stops. It also seems to start working when you move like 10-15 tiles away from your position... hmm.

    The time for every activity is random between 15-45 minutes right now. I have it relatively low to make it easier to test out the switching of activities. But I find it to be almost optimal.

    The methods for combat style are kind of broken right now. As such I opted to work around it by simply going for shared combat exp for the time being.


    I appreciate the feedback.
    Break handler will be incorporated as well. To kind of test the ban-ability I'm running this script on suicide mode myself. 4+ days straight going at the moment.

  • @Dr-Manhattan Awesome, 4 days is nuts! Last bug reports before I head off:

    1. Was mining at Lumby and walking back to bank it got completely stuck walking back and forth here, unsure if this was a web bug or what:


    1. After manually walking it to the bank it changed to cooking activity and couldn't walk to alkharid, just stood at lumby bank with this log:


    EDIT: Something with Rspeer may have just messed up because after this even if I moved it near the destination it couldn't walk anywhere. Restarted Rspeer and it's now walked succesfully from lumby bank to Alkharid so... 🤷

  • @muesli also sent this to him as I found this issue as well. It'll get stuck in other areas too.

  • Script Writer

    I just pushed an update to the repo. I tried to address as many bugs as I could, however I did not manage to replicate the bot stalling in locations discussed above.
    I believe it is to do with webwalking, but I will of course keep running the bot myself and try to analyze the situation.
    Until then, here's a
    Changelog for v0.2a:

    • Fix for when bot withdraws multiple equipment items by accident.
    • Universal combat handling. The combat is now handled in all activities the same - so for example if you have low combat level, and if bandit attacks you while woodcutting, it will try to fight back and eventually run away towards nearest bank if no food is present and health gets critically low.
    • Improved combat logic - I cleaned up the combat logic to be more robust.
    • Cleaned up random items being logged and added a more detailed description of what the bot is doing right now to the paint. This should replace the logs somewhat in a 'prettier' fashion.
    • Listeners only act if player is actually logged in - so you hopefully won't get inaccurate exp readings when you start the bot while logged out.
    • Fixed a bug where bot would get stuck in endless loop at certain situation when lighting a fire at Lumbridge castle.
    • Version number added to the paint

    The initial version was rather spontaneous. I hope this will fix most of the main issues people were having with it.
    Let me know what you'd like to see added next, and of course - if you encounter any bugs!

  • @Dr-Manhattan thanks for update, still have the following bugs:

    1. Bot stands still at cows when inventory is full of cow hides and food (no bones). Not sure if it's meant to bank here or if it's meant to just keep fighting with a full inventory. Probably the biggest bug for me atm. As a test I ate 1 food and the bot started again straight away so it's definitely a bug that gets triggered when the inventory is full and there's no bones to bury.

    2. Combat stance still stays on strength until I manually switch to the combat tab at which point it switches to shared XP straight away

  • Script Writer

    The update is live from about 25 minutes ago as of now.

    The combat style is a bit buggy, but hopefully it will be more reliable in v0.3a - I have made necessary changes at it seems to work now.

    Let me know what you think about v0.2a if you try it out 🙂

  • @Dr-Manhattan
    Sorry I saw V2 in the script window and update comment in disc and assumed you had updated.

    Trying v2a now and cows is fixed! 🙂

    Current issues:
    -Spam click withdrawing is still an annoying issue for me, I had been running wildy looter on this LVL 3 before your script came out so I do have multiple of a lot of things, it ends up withdrawing 4 or 5 of some item, not sure if you can control this with waits or if this is just an rspeer issue

    -It did wood-cutting and firemaking for the first time, firemaking was quite buggy.
    Currently it:
    -Chops 1 log selects tinder box
    -Walks a few tiles away which unselects the tinder box
    -selects tinder box again and uses it on the log
    -as soon as the log leaves the inventory it runs off to the next tree this means about 90% of logs don't actually get lit for me unless it's successful at lighting the log on the first attempt. It's as if it's just determing whether the fire was successfully lit by if the log has left the inventory which is incorrect if it takes more than 2 attempt to light the log

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Script Writer

    But does it still get stuck when it withdraws multiple items?
    I didn't really test it to be honest, I simply added a logic to handle it if it did. I will work it out.

    With firemaking - again I didn't test it from the position you're at. I added it after I had gained ~20 firemaking levels by cooking in lumbridge and it worked OK with me. But I can how level 1 might have a lot more problems. I will fix it in the next update.
    I will upload it later today.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • @Dr-Manhattan Yep sorry forgot to mention it did fix the issue where it would get stuck in an endless loop of equipping multiple of the same item. It's now just the fact that it withdraws like 5 things at a time that's still present haha.

    Sounds good!

  • Not bad. Here is some stats it got after 5 hours.

    Edit: I know censoring my username doesn't do anything but too lazy to edit it the photo again.

  • Is the logic of this bot based on multiple 'if' statement, "random" events to train, or another decision making framework?

  • I'll create an f2p for this and let you know how it works!

  • Script Writer

    @noah It's based on the logic of me, utilizing RSPeers API and Java. Including many 'if' statements as well as randomized variables.
    To put it short, it's basically many simple bots, wrapped in a manager that decides which bot to run, progressively.

    Anyway, here's a changelog for the v0.3a:

    • Firemaking - I removed the firemaking on the spot for trees and oak trees. Logs will be banked now and firemaking takes place at banks in Varrock, Falador, Draynor or Edgeville. Logs used are up to Willow.
    • Added Edgeville range for cooking
    • Support for amulets - Amulet of power and strength are supported.
    • FashionScape! What are you, some peasant? Stop looking like a total bot equip a phat or something. Will equip any partyhats and teamcapes found in bank for any activity.
    • Added yews for woodcutting - all locations supported.
    • COMBAT
      • Added Lumbridge swamp for melee training, killing rats and frogs, depending on combat level
      • Added zombies and skeletons for melee training
      • Increased the chance of combat activity to be chosen
      • Running will now be toggled on during combat, if it isn't.
      • Fixed a bug where bot would get stuck if something is attacking, but not able to reach player.
      • Bot will now roam the fighting area if target is not found
      • Fixed an issue when banking for food
      • Fixed an issue where multiples of the same combat equipment would be withdrawn from bank
      • Bot will no longer try to loot items outside of defined combat area
    • Fixed rubberbanding when banking
    • Bot will now use the Al Kharid toll gate
    • Fixed Al Kharid mining modes. It was fixed to only powermining iron.

    As always, let me know if you have any issues, and what you would like to see added next.

  • @Dr-Manhattan How is your suicide guy doing stat wise?

  • Script Writer

    @Kangarootime alt text
    I believe it's... 6th day straight? Not sure anymore, might be 5th. 24 hours a day including a peaceful night standing stuck at lumbridge castle stairs and similar.