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☑️ Ichigo's AIO Quester ☑️ | 39 Quest Points | Infinite Quest Queueing

  • Ichigo's AIO Quester

    The most Quest Points and Quests on the website. The most flawless Quester up to date.


    • Infinite quest queueing.

    • Quests are done from top to bottom, from the right list.

    • Uses Amulet of Glory / Ring of Dueling / Game's necklace / Teletabs where applicable.

    • Detects being stuck, and handles it after a while.

    • Banks for the required items.

    • Shows requirements for the quests you've queued in GUI. (Always check second tab to know what to have in bank)

    • 39 Quest Points


    • Cook's Assistant

    • Prince Ali Rescue

    • Restless Ghost

    • Romeo and Juliet

    • Rune Mysteries

    • Goblin Diplomacy

    • Doric's Quest

    • Druidic Ritual

    • Ernest the Chicken

    • Demon Slayer

    • Vampire Slayer

    • Waterfall Quest

    • Priest in Peril

    • Lost City

    • Fight Arena

    Witch's Potion

    In the making:

    • Fixing bugs and adding new quests

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    How to setup

    • Waterfall quest: Have game's necklace and ring of dueling equipped.
    • Other quests: Have amulet of glory, and ring of dueling equipped.
    • Have 100+ food of your choice in bank
    • YOU MUST have items required from the requirements tab in your bank!

    Known issues

    (Please note API issues are not mine to be solved)

    • Webwalking rspeer api - Pathing will get stuck in draynor manor, and try to open the doors that are closed.
    • Webwalking rspeer api - Gets stuck in draynor manor lower level, gets stuck after completing rune mysteries in the room.
    • Banking - will sometimes not have slots for the items it needs. Often prevents from running multiple quests in a row, and requires user action to fix
    • Will not automatically handle equipping and re-equipping amulets of glory, etc, after quest is complete, or after it's depleted.

    Report bugs using following form

    Screenshot (link):
    Description(what happened?):

  • Good luck m8, sounds promising

  • @runehane said in 🍬 Ichigo's AIO Quester 🍬:

    Good luck m8, sounds promising

    Thank you, good sir.

    Update v0.03 -> Added Ernest the Chicken quest.

  • Update v0.04 -> Added Rune Mysteries quest

  • @Ichigo 😄 Hope you push it soon ❤

  • beast

  • if you need tester's let me know.

  • Great job! Looking forward to another quester on the SDN.

  • Update V0.05 ->
    Added Demon Slayer
    Added Vampire Slayer

  • This sounds awesome 🙂

    On a side note, would a questing script be a good type of script to do a co-op with other scripters? I realize if it was paid that would kill the profits but would definitely tone down the level of repeated quests scripters do

  • When will the first release be?

  • @Kangarootime
    Sure, questing script is one of the best scripts to do co-op with (in my opinion). It's big, and it's disconnected, so each scripter can work on his part, without breaking other's work (except for framework changes, if there even exists framework).

    I have no idea honestly... At one point I'm probably gonna spontaniously drop it off at the SDN's doors... not any time soon though. My wild guess would be another week.

  • Update V0.06 ->

    • Framework upgraded to handle more advanced quests.
    • Added banking.
    • Ran (and if necessary, fixed), all quests supported so far.
    • Made Vampire Slayer flawless.
    • 18 QP so far that you can get for free.

    alt text

  • Can you please make an option to eat at a certain % of health? for waterfall my accounts will only have 15 hp, max hit is 14 from a npc, so i would like to eat even if I get hit for a 1.

  • @Insane I'll make sure it's there.

  • Need any testers?

  • @Warrior Not really - I will get plenty of testers once it's on SDN.

  • @Ichigo Can't wait 🙂

  • Update v0.07 ->
    Waterfall quest now added and supported.
    Should be flawless, although definitely not recommended on level 3's or similar. Got hit several times for 12-14 during a run.

  • @Ichigo small tip - get aggro from zombie / attack zombie before running past Moss Giant so you don't get hit for 14(: