• ApexWarriorsGuild


    • Support for animator
      • Black to Rune armour
    • All kinds of food
    • Bronze to Dragon defender

    How to use

    • Start in the warriors guild
    • Fill in your preferences in the gui
    • Press start

    If you encounter any issues please let me know!

  • can't find your script on sdn to test 🙂

  • Solid script to get token. Would be nice if it would check remaining food and health before starting to animate another armor. I was at 10hp with 1 piece of food which wasn't enough to survive the next fight before banking.

  • Please add support for potions / super potions 🙂
    So far I set it to collect 2000 tokens at the armor sets, but it stopped at 1000 and went into the pen to start defenders without getting the full 2000. In the cyclopes pens, it also seems to try to attack a new cyclops when the current one is still alive and low HP for some reason. It happens randomly, and also seems to happen when it eats it forgets its in combat.

  • Got me my dragon defender from none, under 4 hours. Including collecting 2000 tokens. good script

  • This post is deleted!

  • The ability to grab food from the bank is not working, I will type in "Tuna" and i have 3000+ tunas in bank. yet it says I have no food and then the script ends. Also the ability to use str and attack potions would be nice as well.

  • script definitely buggy when getting dragon defender

    thought my rng was really bad since i was downstairs for 3+ hours but when i was near my pc i saw my ddef on the ground and it wasnt automatically picked up

  • This post is deleted!