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Sweti's Cash Cows - First RSPeer Script

  • Hello all,

    This script will loot cow hides and kill cows at the east Lumby cow pasture. Once the inventory is full, it will bank. Rinse and repeat.

    I've been around the RSPeer community for some time now (almost a month on this account) but this is my first whack at making a working script. This script works but it'll need some efficiency updates. I have plans for future scripts, this was just how I learned RSPeer's API and became familiar with the javadocs & other resources available to the developing community.

    V 0.01: Code uploaded to Github for review.
    Next version will include logic/efficiency updates and paint to track your progress. Please provide me with any constructive criticism and/or feed back.

    Github Link

    Known issues: Will attack a cow and try to loot at the same time. Won't wait for hide to drop after cow death. If there are a lot of hides on the ground, it will run far and wide to collect them.

  • Director

    Looks good, congrats on your first script.

  • @MadDev Thanks for the reply. It would be cool if it's added to the SDN repo eventually, but I'm going to need to make some more revisions before that happens.

    How do I go about getting some flair?

  • V 1.0 Update: GitHub link

    Known issues solved, basic paint added, logic works as intended. Will add to SDN repo for further debugging. Please reply with any suggested modifications or bugs you discover!

    -Could use further optimization
    -Currently no clause for player death so don't run this if you plan on suicide training.

    Logic is as follows: Loot hide until inventory is full or there is no more hide to loot, kill cows and loot hide until inventory is full, bank & repeat.
    -------It will prioritize looting hide over killing cows, but it should not loot hide midst killing a cow.