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  • STATUS: Waiting for approval

    As someone requested Regicide quest line a while ago, I decided to make it half way just to see if I could. Unfortunately I hate Underground pass TOO MUCH to even bother.


    • Does Plague city and Biohazard quest


    • Have ALL quest items in Bank or Inventory, preferably Inventory
    • Having 1 Varrock tab speeds things up, if not that's fine
    • Necklace of passage is a must
    • Make sure you're able to kill Mourner (Level 13) on Biohazard quest, as the script will simply attack. Which means if you're level 3, this script won't work for you. This also means if you're a pure, make sure to start the script with the attack style you want to use.
    • Only supports melee

  • nice, i think both these quests are annoying idk tbh havent doone them in a while but i think this would be used a lot.

  • Solid, hating underground pass is understandable. Will definitely be giving this a shot

  • not sure what's wrong but it keeps fking up the item grabbing from the bank. tried restarting at 4banks and keeps failing 😕

  • @Jowgie which quest and which part?