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F2P Automated Cowhide Tanner | Restock | Mule | 60k+ GP/hr


    • Restock when out of supplies based on OSBuddy prices (coins / hide)
    • Banks whole inventory before walking to GE (has to go through wizards, still walks to GE if you die)
    • Withdraw only 1 coin & 1 hide to walk back to tanner (in case of death going through wizards, you still keep 1 coin & 1 hide upon death IF you do not have any other stuff more valuable)
    • Mule through private chat by sending keyword "Mule"
    • Hops to random world after muling is complete
    • Only supports leather for now


    • Start anywhere, it near a bank
    • Give bot sufficient gold before starting


    • You can still buy cowhides & sell leathers without 7qp / have been active for at least 24 hours
    • However, you can't trade cowhides when muling without 7qp / have been active for at least 24 hours
      (you can still mule coins & leathers)


  • Contributor Script Writer

    very creative and original, thanks for sharing

  • generally a good script, sometimes sits in alkharid bank after running out of gp and with cowhides still to tan. thanks for sharing

  • good script, a recommendation is that if you run out of gp the bot stands where the tanner, it would be good if you run out of gp while doing leather go to g.e to sell the leather