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[PREMIUM] foolish PVP Looter | Many Locations | Loot Spawn Prediction | Avoids PKers | Death Walk | No Requirements

  • Script Writer

    foolish PVP Looter

    The most advanced looter script on the market!

    Picks up all loot in PVP worlds above a threshold value, and banks when inventory reaches a certain value.

    See it in action!


    • Customizable minimum loot value and bank inventory value
    • Many PVP world locations supported (Grand Exchange, Lumbridge, Varrock West, Edgeville, and more!)
    • Predicts when and where loot will spawn, and waits for pile to appear
    • Loots nearby ground items when no pile is spawning soon
    • Leaves PVP area when under attack by a PKer
    • Eats looted food if HP is low, and drinks looted anti-poison if poisoned
    • Walks back to selected area after death


    • None




    • From example above: "-world=308 -minimumLootValue=100 -inventoryBankValue=10000 -location=GRAND_EXCHANGE_ALL -bankAfterAttacked=true"


    • Start anywhere. It will walk to the selected location regardless of where you are.



    (Major updates)

    June 14th 2019:
    - Initial release
    June 19th 2019:
    - Added option to bank loot after being attacked


    • 400 tokens for 1 instance
    • Bulk discounts available for larger purchases
    • To buy more than 1 instance, simply purchase it multiple times.

  • Script Writer

    Just added the option to bank loot (if you have any) after being attacked.

  • Really nice script. Ran for 40 odd minutes and was getting 400k+/hour with no special loot.

    Two suggestions:

    • Would it be possible to finish looting a pile before running to the bank. Often if I am sitting on 30 or 40k and have 5k in my invent it will only loot a few items before reaching the "bank" amount and leaving the rest.
    • Would it be possible to spend less time chilling in pvp zone and just more in the safe zone between piles? It just increases the death rate.

    Also ring of wealth support?

    Cheers ❤

  • The option for bank loot after being attacked is not there.

  • Script Writer

    @Kereen Still waiting for update to be pushed out. Should be today or tomorrow.

  • Im liking it so far. Just loot a berserker ring and dragon boots. Thanks for this amazing script!

  • This script is awesome, making a decent chunk of change per hour.

    I did get banned on a fresh account/proxy that had never used any other scripts before. Ran for at least 8 hours that day. The script does seem very "bot-like", though I'm sure there were plenty of reports.

    Does the pro version have any features to make bans less likely? I'm still very interested.

  • it would be great if the bot doesn't click as much when it doesn't need to and also check if the floor actually still has available loot instead of just walking away.

  • There's a bug. If player under attack/died, it will spam opening and closing the bank attempting to deposit items.

  • Also noticed a bug that occurs where it spams the bank open and close, also I've come back and found the script stopped and the account has logged out. Tend to run it over a few hours during certain times of the day when I can check it once or twice an hour to restart it in case of the bug. Overall it's made me close to 20M over the past two days. Great script!

  • Script Writer

    @vanlla It stops because it's time limited to 4 hours while it's free.

  • Script Writer

    Script is now premium 🙂

  • What's the different from this compared to wilderness looter? Also, Are you planning to fix the issues we have stated in premium or its gonna be how it is? The ban rate is high, and spam opening/closing bank increases the ban even higher. Anyway, does premium has time limit?

  • Script Writer

    This is meant to be used for PVP world locations (non-wilderness/BH worlds). I'm not sure how/why the bank spamming issue is happening, I need more information to fix it. The premium script doesn't have any limits on it.

  • It would be better if you could try running it. I would highly recommend that you could increase the sleep time upon being attack by a player. Else after being attacked, bot waited only 2 secs and went back in.

  • If this has a lower ban rate than your wildy script I will purchase it right now. lmk
    edit: I guess the spam clicking also hasn't been fixed yet?
    edit2: purchased it, will post progg tomorrow. Does it work with breaking?

  • Script Writer

    I am increasing the wait time after being attacked in the next update. I tried reproducing the bank spamming, but I could not get it to happen. If anyone has a video or knows why it is happening, please let me know.

  • the bank spamming has happenned to me before, imma buy the premium and if it happens ill record

  • Script Writer

    Next update will also (hopefully) have a fix for the bank spamming issue.

  • i've re-created the bank spamming issue alot, it's mostly east of the g.e spams the bank, closes it, reopens repeat, it happens after a few hours of botting for me, i'm not exactly sure what causes it but i suicide botted the script when it was free for a bit (like 2 days ago) and every time i woke up from sleep it was doing it.