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AIO Cowhide Tanner | 3 Restock Options : GE Restock / Kill & Loot Cows / Loot Hides | Muling



    ⬇ Cowhide Auto-Restocking Options ⬇

    ~ GE RESTOCK ~

    • Restocks Hides from GE πŸ›’ Sells Leathers & buys Hides

    • Set a transaction time to increase/decrease the price of buy/sell by a set Gp amount
      βŒ› i.e. Every X min(s) attempting to sell leathers, increase the price by Y

    • Calculates the amount of Gp to save for tanning when restocking

    ~ KILL & LOOT COWS ~

    • Looting Cowhide is a higher priority

    • Attacks Cows if no Hide is nearby / found βš”

    • Kills & Loots until the user set Cowhide amount is reached

    • Eats specified food if low hp β™₯

    ~ LOOT HIDES ~

    • Loots until the user set Cowhide amount is reached


    Screenshot (7).png


    ~ GE RESTOCK ~
    Start Anywhere with Any amount of Gp. The script will detect what is needed to start/continue and get what it needs from the GE.

    ~ KILL & LOOT COWS ~
    Start Anywhere with gear equipped and food of choice in bank/inventory. Also, have gold for tanning in inventory/bank.

    ~ LOOT HIDES ~
    Start Anywhere with gold for tanning in inventory/bank.

    GUI :


    MULING :

    • EZ setup

    • Get Scat's Mule

    • If you do not wish to mule leave the fields blank

  • crisp

  • When's this coming on SDN?

  • @eggity As soon as it is approved. Most likely before EOD tomorrow.

  • Doesn't loot cowhides on the killing + looting mode.

  • @shiva99 My mistake, you are correct. A last minute change affected this. I will upload the fixed version now. I appreciate you letting me know and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • oh just what I was looking for, thank you very much πŸ˜„

  • If you are having an issue with Muling it should be fixed when the update I just submitted gets approved 😸

    | UPDATES: | Now passing instance instead of static vars. Fixed an issue with Muling. Added fall-back prices.

  • Yeah, just the muling now otherwise perfect!

  • This post is deleted!

  • proggies

  • Few minor issues:

    1. It runs back to AK from the GE with the cowhides and coins in its inventory through the wizards; perhaps bank all first, and then run back to AK; or better yet, bank all and use home-teleport with 10gp in inventory for a faster route back to AK.
    2. Depending on what time you use this (I assume), the bot can run at a loss because the price of cow hides is fairly close to the price of leathers. (When using the GE RESTOCK method).
    3. When changing the price for buying cow hides, it won't change the amount, and therefore, you get the error that you do not have enough money to make the purchase. I suggest you allow the bot to edit the quantity to avoid this. For 10 minutes, on a testing account, the bot has just been looping "That offers costs X, you do not have enough GP".

    Bot-wise though, this is a fantastic bot and I am glad I tested it out.

  • @Bosstralian I appreciate the advice. Thanks

  • Bot gets stuck if set to loot hides and bank them when walking from Lumbridge castle to the cow field inside the new pub to the north of the lumbridge castle. It just walks around in there for a random amount of time unless you walk it all the way to the goblins or let it sit for minutes

  • For some reason, when running this after selling the leather the bot will then deposit all GP and try to buy cowhide with no GP in its inventory. Other than that it works flawlessly

  • This post is deleted!

  • The bot keeps the money in the bank and buys cowhide without having money in the inventory 😞

  • in addition to what punkvmetal said, it also doesn't try to sell the hide its already tanned to keep the loop going

  • it sells Leather, but not Hard Leather lol but all the bot makes is Hard Leather...i mean it made like 84 Leather then made 4k Hard Leather so not sure

  • it also cant seem to work out Home Tele. it switches to the magic tab, but doenst do anything afterwards