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OneClickMasterFarmer / bCrabs insta-ban

  • Hey,
    I know this is a long shot. Any chance of a refund not only on my tokens, but re-credit my paypal? You can see I haven't run script more than 2 maybe 3hours max, and feel free to remove it from my list. I wont be using this client again.

    I tried to supply any information that may help buracc improve his script. However, i expect more for a paid script.

    As I explained in my post on each of the scripts respective page, I had a hand played baby pure which wasn't freshly made perma-banned. I'm under no disillusion that it wasn't going to get a ban, I trained the account to look like a pure so it looked "purposeful". However, this is by far the fastest ban Ive ever had! I don't want to get in trouble naming names, Ive used two other botting clients to much more success.

    I am happy to provide any details that may assist development.
    On a sad note, this was a very short journey for rs-peer and I. Back elsewhere... (got to 92 thieving before banned there...)

    P.S More info that could help, am playing from a home PC(not a rented server box in northern russia), I don't use a VPN ever (too slow to my country haha). I don't run a farm. I bot one account, on a older desktop and play my main on my desktop.

    Kind regards,

  • Director

    Did you use any sort of proxies? I know you you said no VPN, but what about a proxy?

  • Director

    I only ask because it looks like IP's that you've used have been from New Zealand and from the United States, within the same day. The second one being a DigitalOcean IP, which is highly flagged to Jagex.

  • That would be it, ive used master farmer and many other scripts without problems. Ive actually had more success with this client over about 5 other clients

  • Hey, sorry was afk. Nope, I don't use any proxies either. The other PC literally has Firefox, chrome, VLC, Runelite, and thats about it installed. So odd?
    My IP is defos the NZ one, 222.xxxxxx. I did hop to a US world to find an empty spot for sand carbs?

    Oh thought, I am anydesking into my shed computer? Sorry I failed networking paper =[

  • Happy to upload any screenshots that may help. I got a pic of the stats at the start of the day (before a little agility and then the 14 to 38 thiev grind at silk). Screeny of any client or java settings you may need. I only messed with account manager and break manager

    EDIT: Bed time! Will check thread in moring

    One last edit before bed, googled DigitalOcean IP, no idea sorry. I just connect normally from my network. I have (personally, not total in house) 3 PCs. One (media server) just does plex and torrents. Desktop does all my main stuff (not at my house currently but mostly is). Lastly, shed computer. Its an old all in one i use for a) youtube when out there smoking and b) previously running a similar program (single account). Used to make gp on the side while I burn GP on my main haha

    Night guys + gals + inbetweens and neithers

  • Director

    Not really sure, all I know is our logs say that you accessed RSPeer on a DigitalOcean IP.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 7.53.06 AM.png

    If it was not you, you may want to get your PC virus and malware scanned. Did you use any other bots?

    Not saying you can't use a DigitalOcean IP, its just that Jagex has their entire subnet pretty heavily flagged because its very common for botters to use.