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Bit SW Application

  • Rank: Script Writer

    Reason & Motivation: I enjoy scripting runescape scripts and I just graduated and I have a year off before starting my job. I saw this client very recently and like that it just spoofs packets, finally a change in the botting scene. I want to produce the most amount of premium level scripts as possible in this time off, so I just can maintain them all when I am working.

    Experience: I been scripting since rsbot/powerbot days before the nuke. I had a premium script there. I have a Bachelor's in CS, and have been coding for over 10 years. If you want to see some private repos on my github, dm on discord.

  • Contributor Sponsor Staff Director

    Hello Bit,

    Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept your script writer application. Please see the requirements for the script writer rank.

    • 2 scripts on the script repository (should demonstrate above requirements) - If it's a big script, then we may allow one.