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Some feedback on the break handler

  • RSPeer Breaks.png

    • To sum it up, make red like green. I don't understand why you make the user have to calculate the run-time of their bot by adding their break duration + last break time together it's a pain in the ass and doesn't make sense. The Break time column should simply just be the length of your next play time session and then let RSPeer calculate what that equates to in run-time.

    • The current method also allows for user error, if they calculate the break duration + last break time incorrectly it then will stop the bot from ever logging in again as break duration overlaps into break time

    • You might be wondering why I didn't just calculate a session for 24 hours and then click "Repeat breaks after last break." I tried this initially and I found it ran into the same problem listed above, for some reason once it repeated it would start overlapping break duration into break time and just never log back in again

    • You might also be wondering why I didn't just click generate a random profile. When I did this the break variance seemed to consistently be a maximum of 2-3 hours whereas I was trying to incorporate breaks of this length along with breaks that were much longer (8-9 hours)

    • Last annoyance is that you cannot edit an existing break time or duration, they are read only fields. That kind of makes sense because you are currently basing it off run-time of the bot but if you changed that to what I mentioned above then this shouldn't be an issue

    Despite my rant I'm actually very thankful for the addition of a break handler as a lot of quality bot clients don't have one implemented, it just annoys me it wasn't implemented in a way that is much more user friendly and less likely to allow user error.