Few ideas

  • Here are a few ideas that I think would be a nice addition to what we already have.
    Sand Crab afker, start script at desired tile/spot and use it to return to, add ranging pot support/combat potion, and runs north to reset and back. This should help those people with low defence, The fighter that we have works great but a bit tough if you have no defence.

    Barb fisher - self explaining.

    Construction - Nothing too detailed, something for those low level grinding tasks. Remmy, Unoting, chairs, to larder, to tables. Maybe servant support but I don't think that's needed.

    POH guilded alter - maybe add hosts name, and burry at alter, and unote and continue till host isn't available.

  • Bank Seller - walks to ge and sells all items in bank 1gp each (instant)

  • Please don't make a free sand crabber, there are too many bots as it is.

  • I'm making a new account just to test RSPeer scripts. Once i get the account going i will make a Sand Carb Killer (Free) extremely basic and once i have more time / get used to api it will be upgraded with plenty of features, which at this point hopefully it will be moved to VIP only.

  • @lord-otaku Appreciate it

  • Few people working on a sand crab script. I’d like the construction one, I haven’t done construction in years so I don’t know how time consuming it is to do it legit.

  • I'm working on a POH guilded alter script. I'll keep you updated when its done.