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  • RE: Programmatically adding proxies and accounts posted in Development
  • RE: Programmatically adding proxies and accounts

    You can set the current account to log into in Script via setAccount but you can't directly modify the account manager. This is generally better for bot farms anyway, no clogging up the account manager etc

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  • RE: Sweti's Cash Cows - First RSPeer Script

    Looks good, congrats on your first script.

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  • Help! My client won't open.

    If your client will not open, it is usually caused by a simple reason. Try the following methods to resolve this.

    1. If you a using a proxy, verify that your proxy is a correct and valid SOCKS5 proxy. HTTP Proxies will NOT work.
    2. If you have verified your proxy is valid and it is still not loading, try loading the client without the proxy.
    3. If the client still does not load without a proxy, continue to step 4 and 5. If it does load, your proxy is the issue.
    4. Delete the following folder located at HOME_DIRECTORY/RSPeer on Mac/Linux and My Documents/RSPeer on Windows.


    1. Delete the following folder located at HOME_DIRECTORY/.rspeer. It might be hidden, be sure to show hidden folders.


    Once those folders are deleted, re-run the launcher and let it re-download everything.

    If you have done all of that and it still does not work, continue to step 6.

    1. If you have tried all the methods above and it still does not work. Try uninstalling all java versions that you have and let the launcher download and install Java, or download manually.

    2. If you have attempted step 6 and it still does not work, please contact our support channel on Discord.

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  • RE: Script writer application

    I don't really like how your conditionals are setup, for example:

      private boolean withdrawStaff() {
            if (!playerNoStaff()) return true;
            return false;
        private boolean playerNoStaff() {
            return !Equipment.contains(CURR.get().getStaffId()) && !Inventory.contains(CURR.get().getStaffId());

    It's technically correct but its confusing because of how you check the inverse condition on most things.

    You should write conditionals to be the positive outcome instead of the negative, for example, it should be.

    private boolean playerHasStaff() { 
       return Equipment.contains(CURR.get().getStaffId()) || Inventory.contains(CURR.get().getStaffId());

    Then its much more clear too say

    if(playerHasStaff()) { return true; }
 is a bit too nested, lots of if / else, when guard clauses would be cleaner.

    The snippet itself is very basic and hard to judge on. It is missing a lot of things that would be helpful for basic muling. For example, what happens if your bank has the items but your inventory doesn't?

    What happens if the mule is in a trade? Seems like it would just continuously trade it over and over. It should not do that.

    Over all, I need more code to see, there is not enough here to really judge, the scripts are too simple. I would suggest making a more complex script that would allow us to judge a bit better.

    Some things that will help us judge better

    • Grand exchange support for restocking / buying required items.
    • Actual full muling

    I cannot accept or deny you at this time, I need to see more code first.

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  • RE: RSPeer Inuvation Beta Release - Available for Download

    If I was not clear on the note on the download page.

    Time will not tick down on your subscription until we are in general availability and out of beta. This means you are able to use the client for free for as long as we are in beta (after you purchase.), without it removing from your subscription.

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  • RSPeer Inuvation Beta Release - Available for Download

    Our RS3 Client is now available for beta download.

    Since Inuvation is in beta early access. Some things may not work as expected until bugs are found and worked out. Your subscription will be extended for free to cover this period of time.

    If you find any bugs, we do ask that you report them to our Directors via Discord or Forums, so we are able to resolve them quickly.

    You may purchase and download here:
    Issues Repository:

    Preview video:

    Please note: During pre-beta, the client itself needs to be started with proper JVM arguments.
    If you are not comfortable doing this, please download the launcher and run the client that way. It will automatically start Inuvation with the proper arguments.

    The launcher can be downloaded here: It will allow you to select RS3 in the dropdown if you have purchased a subscription.

    If you would like to use the client jar directly without the launcher, it must be started like so:

    java -noverify -jar inuvation.jar

    As of now, we are working on polishing up the client, adding scripts, and removing the JVM argument requirements.


    To develop your own scripts, download the jar from the link above and add it as a dependency to your script, the exact way you do on the OSRS client.

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