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  • RE: scripted was denied

    I tagged you on the discord and explained why it was denied

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  • RE: RSPeer 1.88-EAP


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  • RE: Script is almost making negative profit, I want a refund/ for the script maker to fix this.

    @burak can you comment on this?

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  • RE: Script is almost making negative profit, I want a refund/ for the script maker to fix this.

    Have you tried other hides?

    Hide prices fluctuate a lot and I'd imagine the progress report in the thread is a very old one from when the script was first released. I think the script also lets you control buy and sell prices? Maybe play with those and see where that gets you

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  • RE: RSPeer Inuvation - Premium RS3 Botting Client - Coming July 2019

    @dale71 As stated it will be released in July

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  • RE: Script writer application

    Dear DoubleClick,

    Thank you for submitting an application to join the script writer team. Unfortunately, I apologize as your application has been denied. Here at RSPeer we like to maintain a high standard of code that we feel has not been met by your application, feel free to ask for help in the discord to have concepts that you may have difficulty understanding explained to you. You are encouraged by our staff team to apply again for openings for which you qualify in the future. We appreciate that you took the time to apply.

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  • RE: Script writer application

    @Jupiter finalFields should be named camelCase unless they are STATIC_FINAL

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  • RSPeer 1.86

    Hi, RSPeer 1.86 has been released

    • Added BankLocation.getNearestTo(Positionable)

    • The bot now automatically closes after 2 minutes if the instance limit reached view is open

    • PredefinedPath now has a withBuildSubPaths(boolean). false indicates that it should use the path as specified (no internal path shortening or obstacle handling etc)

    • Fixed GrandExchangeSetup.setItem

    • Added getDirection and isFacing to PathingEntity

    • Item internals now support both the interactable component and the model component for situations where they are separate (e.g. Equipment).

    • Added getSize and getArea to Npc, similar to SceneObject

    • Added variantIds and variantStackSizes hooks to RSItemDefinition

    • Fixed

    • Added GrandExchange queries

    • Added targeted and targeters to PathingEntityQueryBuilder

    • Resizable is no longer disabled

    • Fixed issues with Item.getNotedId?

    • Added CHEBYSHEV to the Distance enum

    • Most distance methods now have a variant with a DistanceEvaluator parameter, including queries. This allows you to pass your own evaluator (or one from the Distance enum)

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  • RE: daxmagex application

    Goddamit Mad I was going to deny it

    Edit: His code was fine but we've agreed that he'll submit one more public script to secure the rank

    Edit 2: I reviewed your hunter script and here are a few things that stand out

    • You can use containsAction instead of Arrays.asList(entity.getActions()).contains(...)

    • String returns in the api are null safe, you don't need to null check

    • In a lot of places you've used X.getLoaded and wrapped it in Instead you can use getFirst/getNearest or newQuery. Also keep in mind that streams are inefficient.

    Perhaps all of the above is just a result of being new to our API, although fundamental api knowledge is a requirement. I suppose I shouldn't class most of this as fundamental though

    • Avoid hardcoded component indices

    Aside from that everything seems ok, it won't affect the result of your application

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